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Unconventional Tour 2015:

Yes, we're doing it again! We're crossing the USA on another trek to promote great causes, fundraise, play music, films, work with local groups, musicians, artists.

There are small ways and big ways you can help us make this a safe and fun journey, from donating a tank of gas to prizes for the Free Speech Contest to .... check it out here.

Specifically we are looking for:

Co-Sponsors. As a  sponsor you will help us secure a venue with appropriate sound system, provide a speaker or spokesperson(s) to promote your cause and the event. You will get your name, logo and link on the website, logo or name on all print materials, You can provide us a 1-5 minute PSA to be played as part of the program in every venue..  If you have a banner, it can travel with us and be placed on or above the stage or the in the lobby, as the venues permit. 

You will also be mentioned on the outside cover of the “Unconventional Tour” DVD which will include highlights of the tour. You can help shape the event and promote your cause. We will have a sponsor’s table in each venue, where your materials can be made available.

Endorsers are those who table, and agree to bring volunteers and audience.



We can make a difference if we work together!







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