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September/October 2008

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Sponsorship Opportunities.  As a  sponsor you will get your name, logo and link on the website, logo or name on all print materials,  mention from the stage either in the form of an announcement or name & logo projected on screen before the events, and/ or you can provide us a 1-5 minute PSA to be played as part of the program.  If you have a banner, it can travel with us and be placed on or above the stage or the in the lobby, as the venues permit.  You will also be mentioned on the outside cover of the “Unconventional Tour” DVD which will include highlights of the tou. We will have a sponsor’s table in each venue, where your materials can be made available. More info here.

Financial Requirements:
We are trying to cover the expenses of the tour, which include paying for travel, accomodations, food for the touring group. Sponsoring groups can usually cover their costs through ticket sales.

Collecting Co-sponsors:
Organizers should collect as many co-sponsoring organizations as possible. This spreads the cost and enlarges the audience. This is a way to bring together the peace and social justice movement, the anti-war movement, the 9/11 Truth movement, environment groups, labor unions, churches, free speech and civil rights groups, the movement for fiscal responsibility, and various student activist groups. We believe in our diversity and in our common ground: we must make our government accountable to “We the People”.

Selecting a Venue:
Sponsoring organizations should figure out how many people they can attract to the event, and calculate how large a venue is needed (50, 100, 350..500 ??) and how to sell tickets in advance. Selling tickets for the price of a movie is perfectly reasonable, and results in larger crowds than making the event free. You will want to keep a block of tickets reserved for sponsors, crew, tablers and volunteers. There will be an online method of buying tickets provided using PayPal.

If a student or faculty group is among the co-sponsors, a college auditorium can often be obtained at no cost. Other sources of free or almost-free spaces include churches, union halls. Many Unitarian, United Church of Christ, Episcopalian, Methodist provide their facilities without charge for activist events. This sometimes requires going through committees such as their “Social Justice Committee”, which means contacting the Church 6 weeks to 3 months before an event. DO NOT spend lots of money renting an expensive auditorium.

Communicating with Us:
The Point Person should communicate with Unconventional Tour Organizers on important details,updates, possible venues, needs.

Other Responsibilities of Organizers:
Organizers and sponsoring organizations are responsible for securing the auditorium or hall, selling tickets and doing publicity. We will provide a flyer which you can modify by adding the date, time and place of the event in your town.

You may also ask speakers, filmmakers, musicians to be on call in radio talk shows in your area several days in advance of the event. If you know a DJ at a college radio station, you could arrange a call in. DO NOT spend lots of money on publicity. Expensive ads seldom bring in more than a few folks. Mailings don’t do much better. Use email which is free. Follow up early and often. Make sure groups are selling their tickets, and collect the money well before the event where possible. This guarantees an audience.

Co-Sponsoring organizations can provide help by providing volunteers to work at the event, providing venue and sound systems, providing accommodations for the crew, video coverage, etc.

Co-Sponsoring organizations will get exposure on all fliers, publicity, online materials, table space. Depending upon the level of sponsorship, sponsors can have announcements between acts on the stage, product placement, banners on the stage or in the lobby, and be given access to the mailing list of registrants (opt in) for the Unconventional Tour to build future alliances.

Our Physical Requirements:
For the larger events, we need a stage area at least 16’ x 8’, a screen, a stereo sound system capable of handling a live band, DJ and sound for film, appropriate to the venue size. For most venues, we can provide the film projector, mics, sound board and sound engineer. For smaller events, for example, film showing and community forum, a public library or community center with an audio sound system capable of handling two mics and film/media sound.

The Unconventional Tour crew - musicians, road manager, sound engineer are perfectly happy being put in a home to save the cost of hotels. There are two couples and 2 singles (current roster). The crew will leave the next morning after breakfast to drive to the next city on the tour schedule. In some instances, special morning events can be arranged/

Tabling should befree for all sponsors and presenters- if you bring your own table. Space most likely will be limited, so sign up early. For non-endorsing individuals, sellers and organizations, there is a small fee for tabling and/or a percentage of sales requested to help support the tour.

Sponsor CD/DVD Replication
Besides donations of cash for travel, expenses and food stipends for artists and crew, a sponsor can be a Song Contest Sponsor, giving a minimum of $350 to replicate 100 CD’s which will in turn give a percentage to each artist from sales. Sponsors will get 10 CDs to sell or give away.

T-Shirt Sponsor
An organization could provide Tour Shirts which will be designed to include sponsor names, tour dates, and the tour logo.

More INFO Sponsorship Opportunities

Download PDF of our Sponsorship Guidelines and Tour Info Packet




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