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Here's How you can Help

We've got some commitments; below is what we need:



Transportation Sponsors

Please contribute $50 for a tank of gas (or more). We've got one commitment of ten tanks of gas. Can you match this?


Film Supplies Sponsor

We will be filming the entire trip, filming the "Free Speech" Contests in each venue and uploading to the VLOG. This requires mini-DV tape, average price $3.75 each. A box of 40 (Sony Premium) costs $170 plus shipping, call it $185 Donate Now

Free Speech Contest Sponsors

We have gotten some in-kind donations for prizes for Free Speech Contest -- however, we need some cash as incentive -- or perhaps you have something you can donate. Please email us with your ideas at:

T-Shirt Sponsor

The cost of t-shirts on Cafe Press is prohibitive. We would really like someone who can help us with this. Tour T Shirts which say: Unconventional Tour and something like "Wake up and Smell the Truth" as a subtitle. Anyone? You pick what the sub-title will be. It will cost about $7-8 per shirt for 100. Donate $850

Artist /Speaker Sponsors

Some of our special guest speakers and artists require airfares and lodging, although in many instances, lodging is provided by hosting organizations. We're doing this as community service, sleeping in the donated fifth wheel or with friends of the hosting organization to make this possible.

Calling All Angels

If you are feeling like you'd really like to help make this tour, which is on a shoestring, float on a base, so we can concentrate on what we do best without wondering where the next meal is coming from, and you can have your banner, your messaging travel with us (as long as you want this and it is in keeping with our principles), Donate $2,000 Now!

You can donate any amount of your own choosing.


All sponsors who wish their names to be listed as sponsors -- will be mentioned here, on the website, in large posters and programs. If you donate more than $2,000, you can have your messaging and materials be part of the tour. For more information, call 805-320-7981