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Events vary according to venue, availability of artists and speakers, and sponsoring organizations' focus. The Away Team. perform a mashup of music, media, along with special guest performers

Please contact us to discuss possibilities. Here are a couple we have done in the past:

The Mashup: Venue: small to large theater, house concert and party, hall, campus theater or music venue: Integrated program featuring music by The Away Team touring group and local musicians, multi-media & film clips, trailers, PSAs, speakers, preview versions of "911 Dust" or "Electile Dysfunction" special guests, local candidates,free speeh contest, guests/audience, DJ.. If venue allows, tabling, DJ and dancing til closing.

• Free Speech Contest. Whether Salon or Totally Unconventional, we include a fun 15 minute segment of the program for the Free Speech Contest,. Each entrant gets 2-3 minutes to say what they think or feel about what's going on in the world, and offer a solution. There are prizes and a digital "Gong". Check it out here.

* The Salon Film Showing: Venue: Church hall, library, Union Hall, Campus lecture hall: Film showing with Community Town Hall Discussion hosted by filmmaker and local experts. Choice of several films including "Electile-Dysfunction" and "911 Dust and Deceit" by Penny Little. Also "Soldiers Speak Out" and short clips. Tabling and Networking. We have booked this on the evening before or after the Musical Mashup.

The Total Unconvention: If you're planning a large event, and want an unconventional addition, we can work with you to produce an add-on unconference or workshops and make it a larger event, which includes examining strategies, participant created workshops & presentation, or arrange a special morning event with touring group.






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