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Unconventional Tour 2015:

Free Speech Contest - TBA

This was so much fun on the Unconventional Tour 2008. In between musical sets, audience members are invited to come up to the mic and give a very short "speech". The idea behind this is to give people the opportunity to have their voices heard, a chance for budding speech writers and potential future candidates to exercise and hone their skills. These are short - yes - really short speeches - 2 to 3 minutes in length.

This is real speech writing and presentation, the ability to put a point across concisely. Humor is welcomed. Racial, ethnic and religious attacks will be excised. All entries will be videotaped. All participants may be part of the Unconventional DVD or online VLOG. Those who enter will sign a release giving the Unconventional Tour the right to use the video There are prizes and the winner, judged by clap-o-meter and arbitrary decision of judges. Entry into the contest is free. It requires you to show up at the event in your town, and bring your friends! To sign up in advance, please fill the form below.




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