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Electile Dysfunction

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Unconventional Tour 2015:

There are many great independent documentary films being shown which can inspire change and dialogue. The directors of the following films can be available for presenting and for Q & A, or call ins after the film. Please contact us regarding availability and cost.



"Electile Dysfunction". 60 Minutes. a Film by Penny Little Elections have been compromised in the USA. This film focuses on the electronic voting machines, vote fraud, disenfranchisement of voters in 2000, 2004, updated to include recent developments. Features Danny Schechter, Greg Palast, David Dill, Bev Harris, Robert Fitrakis, Jesse Jackson, and many more important voices in election movement. Production Stills here

"911 Dust and Deceit" 60 Minutes. A film by Penny Little. This powerful documentary exposes the lies of 9/11 and how the toxic dust affected the workers at Ground Zero. Told through the voices of victims, government officials, environmental and EPA scientists, volunteers, and workers, first responders. Production Stills Here

Reflecting Pool.1 hr 46 min. directed byJarek Kupsc. A narrative "fictional" account of ALEX PROKOP a successful journalist, who receives a rare 9/11 video tape revealing new information about the attack . The footage was sent by PAUL COOPER (Joseph Culp), a driven researcher, whose daughter died on 9/11. How to Screen

"Soldiers Speak Out". 31 Minutes. a Film directed by Academy Award Winner Barbara Trent and David Kaspar is a counter-recruitment and organizing tool for veterans, activists, schools and organizations. This film s a powerful, first-hand testament to the reality of the military experience, told entirely in the words of American veterans who have been to war and are now opposing it. We hear how they came to join the military, about their experiences in training and in war, and what led to the turning point when they decided they could no longer, in good conscience, participate in the war, or keep silent. or more information on having Barbara Trent at a screening.



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