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Wil B - The Political Power of Hip Hop

Short Bio: Wil B Wil b is a country born city bred artist, a former music industry professional this Pittsburgh, Pa., steel-town boy, went from rags to riches to rags and found himself creating the Political Power of Hiphop as a result of his tumultuous life.

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For nearly two years in Los Angeles, Wil was homeless and on the streets; it was on those same streets that Wil recognized the soul saving power of his beloved music, Hiphop, as he found a release for his frustration with everything wrong in his life and the world. It was out of this frustration that his debut political Hiphop classic anti-war single Dear Mr. Bush was penned. Four years later, Wil b and The Political Power of Hiphop played a significant role in the campaigns to block the Bush confirmation on Jan. 6th 2005, with Wils’, “Get Up On The Bus”, a powerful retelling of the Ohio Voter Fraud scandal following the 2004 Election, with Rev. Jackson. Video below. He has performed at numerous large events, concerts and rallies across the US; his music is featured in the film “Electile Dysfunction”. Wil B also penned the Antonio Villaraigosas campaign’s official theme song “Brighter Day.” Wil B has performed and recorded with the Billionaires for Bush and worked with numerous others, including Quincy Jones.


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