Making Waves  
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Energy comes in waves

Light waves

Heat waves

Sound waves


Waves make waves

Energy is movement

We are movement

We are

Waves making Waves


Check back here as the

Wave grows....







CD Cover

This DVD will include Videos, clips from the tour, previews of great docs, winners of the Song Contest, Free Speech Contest.... AND More!










The Unconventional Tour is more than a tour. The documenting of the tour, the music in the tour, the speakers, the participants will become part of the history of the tour on a DVD to be produced by filmmaker Penny Little in collaboration with tour participants. Those who participate in the "Free Speech Contest" and the Political Song Contest may be part of this new film, which will emerge from the experience of the tour itself.

Here are some questions we may ask participants:

Why vote?

If you were a candidate for President, what would your platform be? (in a 60 second sound byte)

What is the most important issue facing our Nation today and why?

How can we create a coalition of oppositon to the current corrupt cabal in power?