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Unconventional Tour 2016:

Because Away Team keyboardist Nik Green has been diagnosed with squamous cell head, neck and lung cancer, and is undergoing treatment, all commitments and gigs have been put on hold.

With the release of their new album, The Away Team hopes to launch another Unconventional Tour and more political muck raking and media to fan the flames of activism in a spirit of fun and seriousness.The first Unconventional Tour from September 26 to November 4, 2008, featured an evening of politically relevant live music, DJs, local performers, special guests, films & media clips, plus an open mic townhall (Freespeech "contest"). In some venues, Penny Little presented her films including: Award winning Electile Dysfunction and 911 Dust and Deceit. The tour video clips are available through the website VLOG . The mission was to bring more awareness to the issues of Election Reform, Localizing, and forming a real opposition to the corporatocracy running our Country.



One of the big successes of the tour was the Free Speech Contest - an opportunity for audience members to try out their skills as an orator. Also successful were the music-oriented shows with the media mashup. This will be our future focus.


Why "UNconvention"?

Whether Radical or Progressive, Libertarian or Green, Democrat or Republican, we’re against wars based on lies. We want a clean and safe environment, food that is real and whole. We want our votes to count. We want our Constitution and our civil liberties back. We don't believe ithat bailouts of banks will solve our economic problems. We want media to report the unbiased Truth. We don’t think torture is a family value. We can agree on these things. We’re in unconventional times, where it’s no longer just about party affiliation, left or right. We want a government that is accountable to “We the People”. Whether you are ecstatic or disappointed by election results, the real work begins here and now, keeping any administration accountible, whether local, regional, national or international, creating the world we want to live in.

Besides building a stronger grassroots network, our goal is to engage more people in the political process, because the power of our voice is real. We will help support and bring attention to actions and campaigns which will strategically create an coalition of opposition to any corrupt criminal cabal abusing power. Our country and our world deserve better.

When good people do nothing, evil wins.


We can make a difference if we work together!







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